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EtcetEraThread Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Fargo) openly discusses hitting his two children and referring to them as "little f**kers" [see staff post]
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Ignoring Staff Post and Rationalizing Child Abuse
Growing up in Mexico, getting hit by your parents as punishment was pretty much the norm, everyone did it, i´m 40 btw. Times have changed, it's still widespread but in some places it's frowned upon, i have three kids myself and i have never laid a hand on them, ever, my wife has sometimes out of frustration, nothing too bad, maybe a slap. Depending on how you hit them i don't think it's that bad but i'd never do it. There are worse things you can do to a kid than hitting them (as long as it's not too violent). verbal abuse is much much worse IMO.