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EtcetEraThread Snoopy account tweets unfortunate tweet
Reason User Banned (1 month): Concern trolling in a thread regarding racism
I don't think people are trying to give this tweet the benefit of the doubt... at least I'm not. What I'm arguing is this idea that the phrase never had anything but racist intention, when in reality it's an idiom that has been used for decades referring to it being rare to find a good person. I mean a basic google search shows there are multiple songs that use the name, there's even some movie made with the title one of the good ones. I totally understand why it can be used as racist, but I guarantee plenty of people use that term without any sort of racist intent or realizing WHY it could be racist. It's right in there with "you're good people". So again not disputing that this tweet is bad, just disputing your argument that good ones couldn't refer to humans, that's literally what it means a lot of the time.