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GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT6| OT7 Has Been Rated in Korea
Reason User banned (3 days): Hostility
The bad business move was to greenlight MP4 in the first place, and the second one was to not completely axe it when they had the chance last year due to bamco bailing out. Its gonna dissapoint business wise either way, as have all other Metroid Prime games considering their combined sales are bellow singular titles by the same studio. MP4 is a game born out of the loud and consistent demand of a tiny fanbase over many years, and imo the only reason they dont can it permanently is because its easier to release it to bad sales than to endure another 10+ years of whining from that tiny fanbase.I have been firmly believing that MPT on Switch does not exist since the very beginning. But i do know its a hopeless fight, since the delusional people will just say nintendo sat on it for 5+ years if it does eventually release in 2022, instead of the reality that it didnt exist when "insiders" claimed, but they eventually did make it. Its like arguing with religious people. You cant prove their imaginary person in the sky does not exist.