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EtcetEraThread Opinion: Trump will pay off the national debt during the re-election campaign
Reason User banned (permanent): Trolling. Account in junior phase.
First of all, this is my first ever thread on Resetera, after browsing and rarely posting since it's creation! Hello everybody, and please be gentle... I understand the topic of Trump probably isn't a great topic for my first thread. I have a pretty good idea how this thread is going to go down, but I just want to clarify a few things first. I am from England, so perhaps I have no business making comments on this subject. I am not for or against Trump. That is not what this thread is about. Whatever I am about to post is going to seem ridiculous to most everyone, but I assure you it is not unfounded. I figure most of the replies will be how I am wrong and will never happen. I am going to try and keep this as short as possible. Part 1: Trump has been stating recently that he has found a solution to a problem that nobody would even think possible, which if I recall was at the State of the Union address a few weeks ago. Trump (and many other world leaders) have been using the term "level playing field" in relation to the global economy for a while now I believe the problem Trump has solved is the national debt. Part 2: Enter Blockchain infrastructure company Ripple, and the XRP digital asset. Ripple have been quietly engaging with the highest levels of finance and government for years now, with ties to the White House, federal reserve, the IMF, world bank, bank of America/England, I could go on. The Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has sat and spoken at high level meetings at Davos 2020, The High Level Economic Club of New York, The Global Forum to name a few, and has been in high level meetings alongside Christine LaGarde (now president of the European Central Bank) speaking to leaders of Central Banks. I could continue with this but I want to move on. The point is, they are extremely well connected and recently were valued at $10 billion, the second highest fintech company in Silicon Valley. Ripple utilises Blockchain technology to speed up financial systems around the world which are currently using 1970's technology for cross boarder payments. Their interledger protocol utilises the digital asset XRP to send payments cross currency in seconds, at the cost of fractions of a penny. The plug and play software is called On Demand Liquidity. One company sent $50 million cross border using the XRP ledger and it arrived at its destination in 3 seconds, at the cost of 0.30c. To sum up, this is powerful technology for global finance and it is currently in utilisation phase, with MoneyGram using it right now for payments from the U.S to Mexico and many more smaller banks worldwide using its On Demand Liquidity. Part 3: This is where things get tin foil hatty. The supply of the XRP token in 100 billion, with half of that supply currently locked away in escrow, releasing 1 billion a month into circulation. There is evidence to suggest that a large portion of that escrow is actually pre allocated to government institutions that are currently partnered with Ripple. It is also apparent that large whales of unknown identity have been accumulating XRP in the billions over the past few years. The idea I am putting forward is that the Trump administration and the federal reserve have been purchasing and recieving large amounts of XRP with the intention of (with the support of the IMF, World Bank etc) RAISING or inflating the value of the XRP token until their holdings are worth significantly more than the defecit, and then utilising their valuable holding to pay off or collateralise the debt. Issuing valuable XRP to countries they owe money to will wipe the debt slate clean and level the financial playing field. The final icing on the cake here is that Ripples Interledger Protocol will be playing a big part in the already quietly announced NEW global payments system ISO20022, which will go live in November 2021 In what the European Central Bank published as a Big Bang Cutover style event, where everyone must migrate onto this new fintech and digital asset enabled global payments system. It is thought that XRP will be the fuel that powers this new payments system, and in order to have the Liquidity to settle payments globally the XRP token must be a high price. Inflating the value of XRP to fix the national debt of the U.S also acts as two birds with one stone, because this increase in value will then allow the Interledger protocol enough liquidity to fuel a new global payments system which has been developed by Ripple in cooperation with the IMF. This is what I believe is happening, and I believe it will lead to the re-election of Trump. However I am likely wrong, as I know you are all about to tell me! I apologise in advance if this topic has upset anybody. I'm hoping it becomes a discussion point rather than a hostile debate.