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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread Is it ok to be uncomfortable?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Mansplaining and sexism and trolling over a series of posts
so I’ve been here “listening” to what everyone said and taking it to heart instead of debating or arguing, and I appreciate the input. I think it’s good to learn from mistakes, I’ve never really been in this kind of situation before usually people in my circle enjoy a bit of healthy debate, and perhaps this wasn’t healthy debate. And I’m at fault. Which is totally ok and why I asked. It’s good to learn yea? I’d love to respond to everyone but instead I’ll reply to two for now. First:you are the guy that evaded a permaban and types all kinds of moral ethical dilemma bullshit about that ban, as well as about weird ass shit in the nintendo direct threads. Not sure what your deal is but seem like youve got some problems. Probably shouldn’t be commenting on other people. Also the last thread wasn’t a troll, it was a real situation and real story played up for some laughs. Not all jokes hit, but if all jokes are trolls then we gotta ban about half the board. Get over I don’t know if you deliberately misread what I said, but the first thing I said that I agreed with them that women shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable, sexually or not. I am totally onboard with that and I explained that, and also that I didn’t know what the actress said or what she felt so I couldn’t really argue about that. I think the biggest thing was I kept going when I obviously should have stopped, and my gfs sister (mainly) kept insisting that the point wasn’t the foot stuff and Tarantino, but being uncomfortable in general. Again I’m ok to be wrong, I’m happy to learn from mistakes, thats what makes us better people, and I won’t make that mistake again, but at no point did I even insinuate that it’s ok to force women to do something against their will. I’m still ok to be the asshole, I accept that and I’ll apologize to her. Edit: and the people harping on the marvel statement that that would be the part that people turn on me ... again that was a joke, and a hopefully obvious one. It might not have landed, but it’s a joke about how defensive marvel fans are around here. Whether you find it funny or not it’s ok, just relax a little bit.