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GamingThread I Don't Think I Quite Understand Sonic the Hedgehog Anymore...
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Admission of piracy
I remember just loving Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid. I got Sonic Colors on the DS for Christmas one year, not long after I found and rocked Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventurers, and I remembered that after that I just wanted to play every single last Sonic game to exist and do that, I did. After that, I kinda just left the series when nothing much else came out for a long while. Well, I went to see the movie with my baby siblings, diehard Sonic fans the lot of'em, which was a surprisingly and immensely pleasant experience. I suddenly became nostalgic for the Blue Blur's games, jumped on my jailbroken 3DS and tried Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, the Genesis Trilogy, everything I could... and suddenly I realized I just wasn't having fun with any of them anymore. I understand the game's are meant to be open-ended, encouraging the player to make the decision between going fast or exploring, but it seems like these inherently incompatible concepts make it impossible to have fun going fast in a Sonic game. The levels are unintuitive and only encourage trial and error because if you try to go fast it'll just be a staccato repetition of picking up speed, going fast and running into an obstacle you never could see coming. Frankly put, the levels weren't interesting enough despite being open-ended to make me want to explore, and the levels were so messy going fast was impossible. Is there something I'm missing that I had as a child that'll let me enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog games again? I'm nostalgic as Hell and I'd hate to revisit this series I love and find that I hate it now.