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EtcetEraThread Berlin Freezes Rents for 5 Years in a Bid to Slow Gentrification
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Hostility; Prior Related Infractions
Stop all the cringe landlord rhetoric, stop browsing economically clueless tankie subs like chapo and breadtube and stick to what economists say. Listen to the experts, like we kept telling all the Brexiters. You need to build more. Fixing the price does the opposite - it disincentivizes building. I won't repeat what you can find with a single google search. Economists have exhaustively studied rent control and the concensus is crystal clear. Honestly, I sometimes use rent control as a way to probe how one arrives at their decisions. If you are in favor of it, I know for a you've never read a study on it or have any clue of its ramifications. Makes me wonder whether your other political views are as thinly founded.