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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread Finland's prime minister said Nordic countries do a better job of embodying the American dream than the US
Reason User Banned (permanent): rationalizing the use of racial slurs
Sorry but this is something I have to disagree and have met countless foreigners who make this assumption based on misunderstandings. For example when people don't sit next to you and rather stand it's not because of racism, people just dont like sitting next to strangers or talk to strangers. I work in a pretty multicultural environment and there has been so many cases when clearly it's just a misunderstanding. Not saying there aren't racism or xenophobia but it really does rub me in a wrong way when people say things like this. It's true older people use "N-word" however there is no historic baggage here in it so to speak, it used to be kind of saying water is wet. I remember very vividly my grandparents language and there was no ill intent behind it. Just for comparison, they were VERY racist towards russians (war etc.), however when it came to different colored people it was mostly just neutral interest and nothing mischievous. I understand it might be hard to understand but for example I personally saw first black person when I was adult and didn't really have any opinions about it. It's just not something people thought about. Now this was like in the 90s and early 00s. Now sadly things are different and there are lots of prejudice against muslims for example.Well to be fair this is kind of it. People don't really make friends easily here and loneliness is a very big problem. What is your opinion on racism, how much of it did you experience or how did it represent itself?