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EtcetEraThread Who would be the best Valentine Day Date: Nami, Hinata, or Orihime?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Creating an Inappropriate Thread
It's Valentine Day (I am also really bored!), so to celebrate let's bring in anime waifus in the mix! But I will only be focusing on these 3 series. Now I know some Might be thinking why Orihime is here...well as far as I know Kubo does think she's the heroine of Bleach. Though you can also make the argument that it's really Rukia and I really wouldn't disagree, but she basically disappears after some time, but so the same can be said of Bleach is a mess when thinking about this. Sakura is here as a joke really since she's the most hated character in Naruto. Chose wisely! You cant change your vote!