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GamingThread Digital Foundry: Star Citizen's Next-Gen Tech In-Depth
Reason User Banned (3 days): Accusations of shilling over multiple posts.
The issue is emphasis. For example I still believe that one key aspect that pulled Anthem back isn't solely design, but also a heavy, taxing engine that isn't suited for a game you're supposed to play for many, many hours. I believe for example part of the success of Destiny 2 is because it has a great engine that is smooth and tight. Anthem was not, even despite the huge downgrades to make performance acceptable, and still not good. The engine (or implementation) just didn't offer enough room to let the game breathe. RDR2 I mentioned in the context of the PC port, that from what I read is still having lots of technical problems. While in your videos you explained that performance issues were justified, they still weren't entirely justified. It's just the way you present the tech, and what to put emphasis on. Yes, you've touched on the negative of these games... Usually very lightly and partially. (example: I haven't checked, have you made insight videos on how broken the DRM implementation was in Monster Hunter and how half the CPU was busy to NOT run the game? That would have been a informative tech video and good consumer advocacy. The type of video i DON'T expect from Digital Foundry, because... It's "politically" problematic, in the sense it might create you disagreements with Capcom. So why should you go there? But of course be quick to cover Denuvo in those cases the performance accusations weren't actually confirmed... If you want me to accuse of something more concrete, I guess) But if you read what I wrote you see that I didn't mention specific games to make a point. My point was that ALL your videos align to a style, whether you cover something hugely criticized like Anthem or something more popular and seen positively. You still primarily emphasize everything the game does well. You cover, generally, some negatives too. But there's an overall slant toward the positive and "throw more hardware" to fix the problem. Or the "enthusiast" type of audience who wants to feel their money well spent and justified. In fact, if I have to be honest, your videos are more advertisement for hardware rather than for games. But hey, I watch your videos and continue to appreciate them. I also know they don't usually tell the whole (tech) picture. It's like watching videos from a huge Nintendo fan. You know they have the bias of the enthusiast, and so keep this context in sight. But it doesn't mean those videos can't be informative or interesting. You are "tech enthusiasts", and so one has to step back to reconstruct the context in order to properly evaluate that tech that you overly praised.