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GamingThread Digital Foundry: Ray Tracing in Games: How Today's Big Tech Gamble Became Tomorrow's Sure Thing [Sponsored]
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I really can't say if the problem is you're incapable of understanding the arguments being presented here or just refusing. I'm arguing the line between outright labelled 'sponsored content' and what's presented as 'behind the scenes' material is not nearly as clear cut, that line can blur at times depending upon the source, that was clearly laid out in my comments regarding linus and his 'non' sponsored content (I mean ffs, the vast majority of his videos are indeed promoting product as a how this is difficult for you to grasp is beyond me but here we are. Continually saying "but this is " isn't much of a defense, the vast majority of youtube tech videos are absolute shit, it's a pretty cringe-filled business. Speaking of "this is how it is, everyone does it": In this video linked above, it's largely about Steve responding to a false accusation of product shilling. He's angry about it, yes. He states how hard he works, too. But he also goes into explicit detail of how the channel actually makes their revenue, and amusingly how for him, people actually buying less crap and filling landfills is the best outcome of one of his videos. Also, in the notes for every single GN video:In fact (I tried to find the video but can' t), Steve has literally talked about 'sponsored content' specifically before and was This isn't about I've never commented on the Logitech headset ads DF had for a while because who gives a shit, it's clearly advertising and they don't even review those products. Regardless, Steve of GN is a more critical resource of the industry than DF and Linus is (and John pretty much said as such in an earlier post when talking how at least speaking for himself, he doesn't see himself as a journalist regardless), the vast, vast majority of GN's videos are extremely detailed critique and at times outright mocking of the crap vendors push on them. So even the occasional promoted video - if it existed, which by all accounts does not - would not destroy the channels reputation outright in one fell swoop (it would not help though!) and this latest sponsored video didn't 'destroy' my feelings of DF's work which by and large, I still can enjoy. It just added to the general feeling that their channel is a little more 'infotainment'-leaning than the more critical approach that I'd prefer and felt they were earlier. Or maybe I've just gotten more cynical. Anyways say your final piece if you want, I'm done and largely with this site in general probably. I probably shouldn't be on here arguing with kids about videogames regardless.