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EtcetEraThread CBS anchor Gayle King threatened by Snoop Dogg, others following report on Kobe Bryant
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Justifying Harassment and Death Threats; Account in Junior Phase
Well, i maybe a minority, and if i get ban for this opinion, i guess im ok. I wanna ask you all a question If someone you know died, or someone you loved, and you come to their house, while people are still mourning, and said to their face "hey yall, didnt this guy sexually assault someone while he still alive? why mourn for him?" I believe you will get a bunch of fists in your face, regardless of whether your claim was truth or not. A man just died, his family is still mourning. There's a time and a place. I guess, and i think its what Snoop and others want.. is a little respect. Surely all the good things Kobe does in life warrant him some? My opinion