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EtcetEraThread Freedom of speech debate heats up in France after death threats to 16-year-old girl who called Islam "religion of hate"
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Dismissing Islamophobia; "reverse racism" rhetoric. Account still in junior phase.
Sorry but we are speaking about France here ? to be sure. Because to say that muslims are an oppressed minority that can be afraid for it's safety is slightly , like trump slightly , exagerated. The ones that are really a minority afraid for their safety today are the ones saying anything bad, insulting or critisizing islam. And this case is just the newest example of it. Yes there is racism in France from part of the population , like in a lot of countries, nobody will deny that, but come on , let's not exagerate on the superlatives or mixing up the story , she attacked a religion, thousands attacked a person.