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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread What do you want from the next Fire Emblem entry?
Reason User banned (3 Days): Using autism as an insult
Poll didn't apply to my problem with the game: it wasn't good enough to make me want to play the whole story I did like the game and spent 130 hours on it because at its core it's fun and the management is fun and the route where you kill the dragon illuminati pope for being a dumb shifty bitch was cool. But the characters and plot are mediocre, as in engaging enough and not producing more than irritation, but not good enough to paper over the technical and design shortcomings of the game. The Blue Lions route broke me around the time of realizing Dimitri had a fucking pointless story and I forced myself to see it through for no good reason besides hoping for some good maps in the finale. I want: More maps More bold character writing, fewer stock character types and affectations, harem anime could potentially be written by people who aren't cretins inside and still marketed and sold to cretins Less story routes since 200 hours of story mode is too damn much and the stories are written by people with no talent or interest in their material More objective types and win conditions And for these to lead to branching combat scenarios or story paths like say avoiding engaging Claude in the gronder field battle leading to a different outcome or something or forcing a surrender by taking choke points in a fort or something Less homophobia Higher performance and graphical quality targets Less asinine and antisocial 'social link' type stuff, almost all gifts work, the tea parties were insulting and boring like an autistic shut-in fantasy of what talking to humans could be like. They were meaningless and revealed nothing but the rank incompetence of the modelers and environment artists Support systems where outcomes matter more and can be affected meaningfully by dialog choices Stronger sense of battlefield and tactics, the jrpg leveling is fun and invests me even in thinly written characters, but I never felt like a tactician or that tactics were a big part of battle besides the basic don't let units die and gang up on enemies tactics. I wanted to feel more like Napoleon of animetown.