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EtcetEraThread Freedom of speech debate heats up in France after death threats to 16-year-old girl who called Islam "religion of hate"
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing racism and Islamophobia, history of dismissing sensitive issues.
This thread abysmal. It's actually embarrassing to post here. I'm trying to avoid these type of threads, focus on what this website it good at, but there's so many, I slipped. So I'll post this then get out of the thread permanently. So don't bother @ing me as the kids say. To side against a teenage girl who got subjected to death threats because she insulted a religion is a disgusting position for any right minded person to take, and you are taking that position regardless of whatever defence of imaginary "racism" against a religion a nearly 2 billion people and controls a massive amount of the world you think you are undertaking. "Defending" the "minority" you are defending against another "minority"is the logical conclusion in your mind's obsession with purity tests. Meanwhile if we step away from that nonsense and into the world of common sense, the right to criticise or insult religions, regardless of if they are being used to insult the critic as in this case with this girl, without fear of death threats is pretty fucking basic, and the quality of the criticism does not determine whether threats are valid or not. They never are. Debating a 15/16 year old girls reaction to being attacked is inherently saying that a low quality criticism is a valid recipient. The only racism on display is in fact by those who pan Muslims with the low expectation of handwaving angry responses to the girl as to be expected and understandable. There's plenty resonable people this thread, and elsewhere, Muslims and ex-Muslims alike to prove that is not the necessary response. Lastly if the response to someone insulting a religion and saying it is hateful, is raw hate, then that person has clearly got a point. Religions are mechanisms of control and power it's as true for Islam as any other. It's one of the most successful that's ever existed. It doesn't need your defence no more than the pope does. They have plenty built in already.