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EtcetEraThread I Was Threatened At Work Today
Reason User banned (permanent): racism, previous infractions for similar
I’m sorry I unintentionally ruffled feathers. Like, when you try to remember someone at a scene, don’t you remember the ethnicity? I mean he had black hair, black coat, headset on, shades. is that better? I’m sorry I mentioned ethnicity at all if it made me appear racist. I go out of my way to treat everyone fairly. Original post: Context. I live in the worst state in the nation. For the meantime I work retail in electronics at a store and people are out and about spending their monthly paycheck and early tax refunds. Part of my job is activating phones for customers. I was activating a phone for a customer after they bought it and was just about done putting their phone box back into the bag when I accidentally put it in the wrong customer’s bag. My coworker was also checking somebody else out and this was their bag. The person was of African-American descent, wearing a headset with microphone. When I took the phone box out of the wrong bag, he started cussing me out with F bombs. My coworker heard that and I said nothing during this time. Soon I heard him mutter under his breath something about a gun to the head. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about me or not or if he was talking on the headset but just in case I said absolutely nothing and carried on with my customer. After I was done with my customer I clocked out for lunch and told about what happened. “Bunch of idiots is what they are.“ they said. I laughed and said yeah they are. I was shook as I left the store to go eat somewhere. I know the right course of action is to ignore it because nine times out of 10 those are hollow threats. Nothing comes of it because these people are insane. So yeah, that’s my story for today. Retail is not fun. Dealing with people in the real world is not fun. Dealing with the lowest common denominator is not fun. Hey, I am happy that I have this job and nine times out of 10 people are very nice, but sometimes people like this come by and ruin everything. I hope none of this ever happens to you all. I’m happy that it was just hollow threats.