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EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders is the best candidate internationally (BadEmpanada)
Reason User warned: Inflammatory generalizations over a series of posts
Bullshit. Am Dutch, and do understand policy versus 'yelling dreams at clouds'. Elizabeth Warren had the most extensive answer on the military presence in the middle east, Bernie is basically just left Quackery made into male form. He'd be a great VP or someone to position on Housing or Education, but he needs to stay the hell away from the actual presidency. The only people who want Sanders to be president are either fools dreaming of 'free money' and Russians mobsters. Because Trump WILL beat him, easily. You guys seem to think 'Jewish man' versus 'Literally Hitler' is going to work? He's going to slaughter the man! He already had a hearth attack ffs, that's just easy prey for a predator like Trump. It. Will. Never. Work. And we'll all be stuck with four more years or god knows how many of GOP dictatorship. "best for the international community", my ass. If it takes Biden to get the USA back on track to anything normal, I will happily see President Biden until AOC can take over in 2024. But no more of this Republican bullshit just because the American voter is an idiot. This election isn't a wishlist, it's an ultimatum. Either you end this wannabe-dictatorship here and now, or there won't be a second chance.