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EtcetEraThread Vice: Reporters and Activists Are Being Harassed for Saying Kobe Bryant Was Credibly Accused of Rape (Read Staff Posts)
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I debated posting or not, but decided I would. This is my opinion only. It's not meant to diminish the opinion of others. What Kobe did to that woman was a horrendous act. It was rape. Just because he was not convicted of it, does not mean it was not rape. It was un-consensual sex. That's rape. There is no hiding the fact. There is no diminishing this act. It will always be a part of Kobe's legacy whether or not he was convicted for it. Unfortunately we live in a country where being white and/or wealthy generally makes you immune to facing repercussions for criminal acts outside of murder, and even then, it is very likely that people walk if they are white and/or wealthy. Kobe should have faced more serious punishment, but likely because of his fame/wealth, he got a slap on the wrist. That being said, I think though Kobe knew what he did was unconscionable. I don't know Kobe personally. I'm not even basketball fan. All I can go off of is what we see of him in the public eye. But coming into a thread literally an hour after he died along with his 13 year-old daughter to simply say he is a rapist is cold. I think he appreciated his luck when so many black men/other minorities do not get the same slap on the wrist after being accused of rape. I think ever since he has tried to do right by his daughters and other girls/women through what he knows, basketball. Again, I don't know Kobe personally. I don't know him other what we see in the public eye. But from what I have seen, he loved his daughters and wanted to do right by them. He wanted to empower them. Even creating an entire org meant to empower girl/women athletes(Yes, I know his org is for everybody). Some people change, some people don't. We see many people escape punishment for their heinous acts without any self re-evaluation and attempt to do better. I personally don't think Kobe was one of those. I think Kobe's lasting legacy will end up doing more to empower women/women athletes than 99.9% of of the people in this forum will do in their lifetime simply sitting behind a keyboard calling him a rapist while never actually lifting a finger to empower women. Again, I am not trying to diminish others opinions, just my 2 cents.