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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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EtcetEraThread Bernie really out here cutting ads with Joe Rogan's endorsement (SEE STAFF POST)
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In what? The Dem primary? Lot of independent voters in that group? Because this shit is over come MarchI'm not into performance theater or virtue signaling, just sharing a slice of reality with people who are too tucked into their own echo chamber to know better. Here's a breakdown for the cultists among us: I've been to nearly all 50 states. I've lived in about a dozen. I've spent half a decade or better in each of the midwest, southeast, and northeast. In rural, suburban, and urban areas. I've worked, supervised and managed labor, both organized and unorganized. The average straight white man (i.e. non-college graduate) doesn't just not give a shit about minorities and marginalized groups, they're either wanting them to actively suffer, or are ok with their white friends who want that and are open about it. I've negotiated directly with union BAs on up to hall presidents. They are, almost without fail, racist. By that I mean when I'd call for a few guys off the bench the first question, understandably, was how long is the job. If its less than a month I'm getting black guys. If its longer than a month they'll be white. This wasn't limited to one hall. This was pulling people out in St. Louis, Kansas City, Urbana-Champaign, and close enough to Indianapolis to pull from there too. Operators, laborers, electricians, carpenters, you name it. Why do they do that? Because after you get pulled you go to the back of the bench. This was supposed to be first on the bench gets first choice. The BAs would call up white workers and make it real clear it was a short term hook. I have never met a white union worker who isn't super ok with racism, or directly engaging in it themselves. These are the existing "core" of Sanders "organized movement". This is why if you think you can have their real support and maintain progressive social values you're wrong. This is why I wasn't particularly surprised in '16 when the Midwestern states broke for Trump on the backs of white working class voters. Because large chunks of union members voted Trump or stayed home. In the southeast unions are a dead item. Despite a far larger population there is no meaningful increase in black and minority engagement with better paying labor/trades jobs. This is intentional. Almost every person in a position to hire someone that I've met is a straight, white man who always has a reason why minority candidates aren't good fits. You can pretty well guess the reasons. Thats from the ones who are low key enough to not make it obvious. But watch one of their guys tell "black" jokes (replace the color with the word you know they prefer) and hear every guy on site snicker and giggle like little kids. I've reported people up the ladder in several different companies, both where I was working and contractors of mine. As soon as it lands on the desk of a straight white guy it is 95% likely to be dead in the water. So thats my own ample yet anecdotal experience. Here's the science. is a study published by the Cambridge University Press proving a direct statistical link between independent and democratic voters who supported Trump specifically BECAUSE he of the racism, not economic policy. If you'd like to learn more about this studied and now rather inarguable phenomenon that the white working class: 1. defected from Obama/Dems to Trump in '16 at a record pace. 2. did so on the back of his racist rhetoric. I'd suggest you read: - By The Conversation, funded by UMass Amherst. - Morgan and Lee, Johns Hopkins University, 2018 - Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic - Morgan and Lee, Johns Hopkins University, 2017 Racism is the point. We aren't ready for the fight over class because right now about half of the lower and middle class would prefer staying under the thumb than sharing prosperity with black, brown, and LGBTQ people. The reality is that unless we first or simultaneously address racism and bigotry in meaningful ways we cannot make economic progress. Too much of this country show up to vote specifically for it, and both the senate and electoral college are constitutionally locked in their favor.