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GamingThread Sony's PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC this year, sources tell Kotaku.
Reason User banned (2 days): Platform Warring; Hostility
If that's the future then seriously and no disrespect to you, but FUCK THAT. I LOVE GAMING, HAVE BEEN GAMING SINCE I WAS 4 ON ATARI 2600. Thats not gaming to me, like at fucking all. Then I guess Ill move on to putting more time into my motorcycles. like seriously I'm almost having a mental breakdown at the thought. Gaming has been such a giant part of my life, i fucking moved to San Francisco to persue a career in gaming. I really hope this is the alcohol talking. I love console gaming, I love exclusives, I like the way consoles are designed which is why as much as I bitch I admire Nintendo. Please don't tell me what I love in creativity in developing a game for certain specs/box is going away. Jesus.......I need a priest and someone''s shoulder to cry on..... I fucking hope February comes with a bang, and shows Sony is just doing this for select titles.You going to be my wing-man in this apocalypse? I need someone to save me.