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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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GamingThread Epic Games Store tops $680 million in player spending and over 100 million users (free games promotion will continue through 2020)
Reason User Warned: Community generalization
This is totally me -- I don't talk about pc games as much in general, but after a bunch of embarrassing epic exclusive threads (especially ooblets!) i wrote you guys off as weird/toxic for good. Plus I'm honestly more interested in talking about business and politics than I am games usually, and egs threads are a good intersection of that.This kind of thing happens constantly! Games (and movies) are a little different because the product is this big name marketed thing, but stores definitely make exclusive deals with suppliers (using x company's coffee beans for Starbucks Whatever Flavor, and precluding that company from selling to competitors,) and stores feature exclusive and timed exclusives with new products, fashion designers, etc, all the time. The analogy is a rough, I admit, and it wouldn't happen with kellogs, but this kind of selling to is absolutely a real thing in every industry.