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EtcetEraThread Reuters: “I thought a woman could win; he [Sanders] disagreed,” Warren, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, said in a statement.
Reason User Warned: inflammatory generalizations
What makes you think she'd be lying? I don't get the cult mentality of Sanders supporters. I like all the candidates we have right now, and each has their flaws. Negative stuff will come out every week on all of them until November. Oftentimes there will be a lack of context, or hyperbole included in everything. We need to stop taking the bait and acting like it's the end of the world when someone has something negative to say about our preferred candidate. Maybe he did say he didn't think a woman would win, maybe he said, or meant, a woman would have trouble beating Trump. Maybe he didn't say it at all. There is literally nothing he may or may not have said that would make him a worse president than Trump. Nor Warren, nor Biden, nor Mayor Pete.