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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread "Why Are We Celebrating Lizzo's Body?"-Jillian Micheals
Reason User Banned (3 Weeks): Inflammatory generalisations and hateful rhetoric.
lol now it's a "privilege" to choose not to ask for large fries and large coke with your burger. It's a "privilege" not to choose to walk down the crap food aisle at the grocery store and a "privilege" not to choose to eat 3 servings instead of 1 when you open the box of crap food you chose to buy. Here's a hint: EVERYBODY likes junk food. EVERYBODY likes sweet food, fat food. EVERYBODY likes to watch Netflix with a box/bag of snacks. Some people choose to cut this stuff out or limit it, some people don't. Where's the "privilege"?