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GamingThread PS gamers are a lost cause, MS should rightfully ignore and focus on expanding their ecosystem.
Reason User Banned (1 month): Creating a thread to platform war; prior relevant infractions
There's a lot of controversy regarding MS going against 'tradition', embracing PC Gaming, Cloud Gaming, Subscription Gaming and Cross Gen ecosystems for the sake of Game Pass, while there are valid points, they want Microsoft to fall back in line and follow Sony, like focusing only on Consoles, ignore PCs, ditch GP, focus only on AAA SP games. But I think they should follow what suits them and not let extremist fanboys force them to change course. TBH I said so before and I'll say it again. Sony gamers are a lost cause, they should not focus on them and they rightfully do their own thing and that is aggressively expand on the Xbox ecosystem by making it accessible on Mobile, Console and PC, Smart TVs etc. They should go with the hybrid approach of Stadia and PS. Sony is very much a traditionalist, Google is the opposite. Sony gamers are very much against Cloud Gaming and Subscription Gaming in general, but Xbox/Stadia fans very much embrace an ecosystem that allows people to play anywhere and are open to Subscription Gaming. These are things that will ensure Xbox platform is successful in rapidly changing market trends, especially with 5G becoming mainstream very soon, as we are starting to see 5G popup in cities around the world.