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EtcetEraThread "Why Are We Celebrating Lizzo's Body?"-Jillian Micheals
Reason User Banned (permanent): misogyny, account in junior phase
I can’t stand Lizzo. I think she is being used as a passive aggressive dig at black women, a caricature that the dominant class pretends to find appealing, knowing full well how embarrassing many of us in the black community find her. And our embarrassment doesn’t stem from her weight, our community embracing many beautiful and strong black women whose weight wasn’t considered ideal: Aretha Franklin, Esther Rolle, Queen Latifah, Etta James.. So when people pull that bullshit argument to the effect of, “you don’t like her because of her weight,” give them a history lesson. We don’t like her because she’s a minstrel act and gladly parades her buffoonish ass before the public eye for whatever dollars white daddy throws her way. The idea of young black girls looking up to her makes me want to vomit.