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GamingThread Xbox Game Studios |OT7| Discover Your Next Favorite OT
Reason User banned (6 months): misogyny, platform warring
hopefully Ori one was just a one off. Xbox allowing their games to other platforms is equal to being a "strawberry " in the hood, fam. Dudes just come about to get a piece of ass and jet. It ain't about nothing - just a quick dip cause they know they can and they know she will. Xbox will be the "strawberry" of the gaming industry if they keep putting their games on competing platforms. They can't possibly want that kind of stigma after all the shit they've been through this gen about their 1st party IP. Plus, they just bought a bunch of studios. That's like a strawberry changing her life, goes back to school, finds a stable job, cleans herself up, and still let's the dudes drop by to break her off proper and bounce. Shit ain't cool, my guy... I know the metaphor is kinda extreme but thats how Microsoft appears to me by allowing their Ip's to go on competing platforms. Can't be giving up the goods because you don't know when to say, no. Fuck all that, bruv.. No offense but fuck Switch and PlayStation. They got their own games, devs etc.. Use em!