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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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EtcetEraThread US Department of Defense confirms it targeted/killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Quds Force, outside Baghdad Airport
Reason User Banned (2 Months): Racism and Hostility; Account in Junior Phase
The protests were mainly about people being tired of the rampant corruption going on and because none of the reforms which were promised back in Abadi's administration hadn't been implemented with the same corrupt people holding position in the government. Iranian influence wasn't even one of the big points of the protests until you had rogue elements, both from security officers, militias and protesters causing trouble which then lead to anti-Iranian protests. Either way it was never primarily about Iran but about the average joe in Iraq wanting basic fucking rights which they weren't getting despite all money from oil. Only US and the white man's media and people like you spouting their propaganda said it was about Iran. I don't expect less about someone who didn't mind US bombing young men from half across the country fighting in the frontline against ISIS at the Syrian border (they didn't only kill them but ISF as well). You talk so much about Iranian interference (which yes is very real and quite bad enough) that you forget US violated Iraq's sovereignity when the prime minister asked them to not carry out an air strike and wait for Iraq to find the responsible actor since there was no proof the militia did it (especially when the area is rife with ISIS activity and they fire rockets at bases all time). Then they violated it again by not only assassinating a high profile foreign official at an official invation by the government in a civilian airport (you airport used by civilians from your own country you claim to care about) but also a very high profile member in Iraq's own governemnt which the US claims to be an ally of. Yet you have the nerve to talk about Iranian interference in Iraq. Fuck off with that bullshit and take your Kurdish nationalist anti-Shia Sunni supremacy talking points with you. The average joe here is not familiar with your talking points but I know exactly what you stand for, you guys are easier to spot than a typical right-wing extremists in the western world. It doesn't matter how much you hide behind "I'm an Iraqi "(which you probably don't see yourself as like the majority of Kurds in Iraq) and "I live here". I see right through you. FYI, pro-Iran militias aside, now you have the prime minister + politicians on most spectrums, anti-govt protesters, media, ppl interviewed on the streets, Iraqi media, Sistani (who is generally very much against Iranian influence) and non-Iranian backed PMU factions, nationalistic movements and even the Mufti mourning the death of them and calling them martyrs. Guess the protesters one don't fit your narrative very much does it? Considering how united the response seem to be from all factions in the country I guess that means Iraq will be out real Iraqis soon for you, woops! Go apply for US citizenship and enlist for their terrorist military since you love them so much. Meanwhile the rest of us hope to get some peace and not have these two countries destroy an already extremely fragile staiblity after the defeat of ISIS. Regards, A fellow Iraqi living much of his time in Iraq.