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EtcetEraThread ContraPoints | Canceling
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Hijacking a sensitive discussion to complain about minorities airing their grievances
So, Natalie hurt a lot of NB people. Lots of trans people and non-binary people were upset by her past twitter comments and her working with Buck Angel. There was recognition of a pattern in some of her behavior and that behavior was upsetting. I had expressed some frustration in the past thread about some of the response, some of which may not have been proper and fully thought out on my part, but I was and still am frustrated that a lot of people weren't giving her the time to assess the situation and do a proper response. Many people were hoping or expecting for an apology. And this video wasn't fully that. She did apologize for some of her Twitter comments but didn't apologize for the Buck Angel thing. And so for some of the people who were upset about that, she didn't necessarily give those people what they needed to heal from what she did. Natalie is somebody that a lot of trans people respected. And her doing something that hurts you is going to hurt you more if you do respect her. You put at least some faith and trust in that person, and so if they hurt you it can feel like a betrayal. Whatever verbal diarrhea comes out of the mouth of some "intellectual dark web" idiot like Ben Shapiro isn't going to do nearly as much damage because you never respected somebody like that in the first place. So I am hearing the perspectives of many of the NB people on Era who were hurt. But I am also hearing the perspectives of NB people on other platforms who weren't hurt. I am also hearing the perspectives of NB people on other platforms who were hurt or were troubled but what she did, but who watched this latest video and forgave Natalie. I am not really a marginalized person but I am trying to listen and it all doesn't match. So I have to come to my own conclusions after listening to all of those perspectives. And my conclusion is that it's better for me to continue to watch her content. It's my conclusion that I should support her on Patreon. She does a lot of great work. Her content has been intellectually stimulating and I hear from so many about how what she is doing has improved their lives, pulled them from a darker place, pulled them out of the alt-right pipeline. I think the internet is a better place with her as a prominent voice. She is not immune from criticism, but she works harder and smarter on her videos that almost anyone else on YouTube, I think. And I would like it if ResetEra was a forum where we could listen to perspectives on her content. I would like to be able chime in and talk about it. But my fear is that ResetEra is simply not going to be a place where we can have that. My fear is that from now on, every thread about every ContraPoints video is going to be derailed with people coming in and going "hey, remember when Natalie hurt a lot of NB people?" For people who were hurt and are currently frustrated and need to talk about it, I do think this current thread is the proper time and place to discuss it. So, be free to say whatever you need to say and I'll continue to sit back and listen to what people are saying. But I worry about the direction of future ContraPoints threads.