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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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EtcetEraThread Is it just me, or have postings on Era kind of slowed down?
Reason User Banned (permanent): inflammatory metacommentary
As a lurker who came over after Neogaf, I find myself checking the site less and less. - The trigger happy ban policy is absurd. I get the impression users are scared to have an opinion that doesn't fit the mods agenda. This leads to nothing more than echo chamber with no real discussion to be had. Imagine in your personal life if you shut down every conversation where you disagreed with someone. - Awful topic threads. The same posters over and over posting personal topics that are of no interest to anyone but themselves, to get a sense of validation that I assume is absent in their own lives. - Negativity and toxicity. The constant bickering is exhausting. It feels like everyone is playing morality top trumps, trying to out do each other and be faux outraged by any slightly divisive opinion. - I hate Trump as much as anyone, but the constant daily threads about him and his party on here are depressing. It would be nice to have a break for a bit. I swear posters get off on posting about his latest bullshit. We get it. He's a total prick. - Opinion threads posted as fact like a BuzzFeed clickbait headline. - Threads with people threatening to take their own lives. This is a serious topic obviously, but it seems to be the same people over and over who never take onboard any of the genuinely thoughtful and caring feedback from other posters. I know this is a complicated topic, and these people deserve and need attention and help, but I wish just they would help themselves. I feel like stepping away from Era and its negativity would probably do them some good. It's just all so tiresome. I think I'm done with the forum, checking it out of a daily reflex doesn't add anything positive to my life tbh.