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EtcetEraThread Kill La Kill made me cringe out of my skull
Reason User Banned (3 months): dismissing the sexualization of minors
I still really liked it. It's absolutely creepy fanservice justified by a metanarrative about shame and virtue and objectifying women. (see that proZD link above, kinda nails it) I definitely wish it wasn't quite so complacent about the actual sexualisation of minors. But for me, a story that doesn't treat women as untouchable (-save for the trope of threatening sexual violence), means more to me than not having fanservice. And yeah I think if you got a lot further in you'd start to see the shift in tone that other fans liked about it. The metanarrative about socialised womanhood really stuck for me, and the over-the-top stylish action was pretty fresh. But don't force yourself to like it. It's not for everyone. It also helps to not be a straight guy I guess? I think i'd feel more self-conscious about people thinking I was a pedo for watching if I was.