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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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GamingThread What's the last game that made you wish physical harm on the developer?
Reason User Banned (1 week): Creating a thread to advocate physical harm.
Right now I wouldn't mind seeing Matt Thorson slip on some ice and get impaled on a giant spike. Your job as a game developer is to make me have fun, not wish death upon you, you sadist *shakes fist* Tangentially, what's the best Xbox One-compatible controller with a proper 8-directional pad in the upper left (where the left thumb stick is on the standard Xbox controller)? Edit: from the first three replies, I'm guessing my *shakes fist* wasn't enough to make people understand I don't mean actually threatening anyone or hoping for someone to get hurt/die for real. I'm talking about the last game that made you unreasonably frustrated.