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EtcetEraThread Parents who only "worry" about their kids when you play with them.
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Homophobia
Let me go a little further: I'm in this exact situation with my brother in law. He lives with us, shows little interest in women yet assures us he isn't gay (not to say I mind, but I have a vested interest in knowing your sexual preferences if you're around my children 24/7). I have 2 children at home, my son in preschool and my toddler daughter. Everytime I enter the area, he's in his boxers (immediate red flag) and she either at his side or he's holding her. I'm uncomfortable with that, especially since she can't formulate the words to describe IF anything nefarious was going on. So I keep my eyes on them. Not so much with my son, because he could and would tell me, but with my daughter, who is most vulnerable. Am I wrong? If I am what are my other options? My wife prefers to be oblivious, but I can't help be overprotective. Edit: Added the frequency of how often said person is around children.