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GamingThread Digital Foundry: PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X New GPU Spec Leak Analysis: 9.2TF vs 12TF?
Reason User warned: console war rhetoric
This bollocks again. 'The same people back then bla bla bla'. Do you have any quotes to back this up, or just making this up? And when Series X in fact turns out to be faster, people will post that 'the same people caring now about performance didn't care about it when PS4 and Xbox launched'. These posts are so tiresome and add nothing to the conversation besides annoying "told you so" statements. And why would anybody praise a media outlet for showing facts like higher resolutions anyway? It's not like DF is responsible for higher resolutions.Not sure what's so strange about this "confidence"? Xbox never "won" a generation, even with a cheaper model and a year headstart. Sony's first party studio's (did you forget they also acquired Insomniac?) are stronger and more popular than ever and they have a much larger install base and a brand new console coming up that plays all PS4 software. I personally hope they both sell good and will push each other to great heights, but you are delusional if you think Xbox stands a chance sales-wise.