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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Why Switch still didn't got a Call of Duty game?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Continuous modwhining over a series of posts/threads
Nah its really oppressive.I think even for rules that could be considered, "port begging," it needs to be seriously revised. You know its oppressive when you have no where to discuss this issue. Certainly not with mods. When I asked them how I could contest when my last thread got closed and i got modded, they just said, "go to contact us," which is just a link in the bottom of the page that leads to an page that you put a subject and a message box. They didn't give me a specific forum to go to. You are forced to acknowledge that you broke a rule and at fault, even when you don't think you have in a harmless situation like this, or worst of all, it doesn't make any sense. I swear this site is a joke.You ave the most liberal people here with the most open ended topics and its touted for social justice.. but the moment you have a different opinion, you get lambasted and threatened, and you can't even defend yourself or contest a moderation after someone calls out that they taddled you. And at any given moment, half the threads on this forum are about people asking each other what their favorite games are. I'm not opposed to those topics, but I don't see how they are anymore valuable than these kinds of threads. This is sparking discourse and productive conversation, and it could inspire people to talk about it more and even do something about it. I mean shit man.. Operation Rainfall would have never happened if it wasn't for passionate people that didn't care. Games like Xenoblade would have never hit it in the states and we wouldn't have gotten X or XCX.I think its odd that we get overwatch, spyro, two crash games, assassins creed games all in one year, but Switch doesn't get the most popular franchise that will likely earn more profit for activision than most other games with its online multiplayer and DLC. Especially on a system that is already more than 3x the wii u install base in less than 3 years, and on its way to meeting 100 million in lifetime sales like the wii, and it has the portability factor as an appeal. So the only logical thing I can personally think of that is size of the game, which I think is Switch's biggest bottleneck easily(cart sie and cost) when it comes to not receiving ports... not raw power. which developers have confirmed as well. But that could be taken care of by testing the waters with enhanced versions of last generation ports (AC did it) and cod mobile, until carts get cheaper...