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EtcetEraThread Star Wars sidelines Kelly Marie Tran (OPEN TRoS SPOILERS)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Inflammatory drive-by in a thread about concerns surrounding representation
Gonna get a lot of flak for my opinion here goes. Just seen the film for the first time with my partner and we was both so glad they basically did away with her character as she was pointless and shoehorned in. The new characters were much better and served more of a purpose, also the film going back to its core trio and not splitting them up was a much better approach. The less of Rian Johnson's mess of a film carried forward the better. EDIT: They probably could have had her instead of the random slug that's on the falcon at the start, and have her help Finn take down the ship, but apart from that I'm fine with her not going on the main adventure.