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GamingThread Will we see The Last Night in 2020?
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Downplaying misogyny, trolling
I always find this kind of attitude towards other people reductive in the extreme. Wanting to mass report someone because they might have a different viewpoint or enjoy engaging in something that you disagree with? Jesus christ. Guess what, there's plenty of people who still listen to Michael Jackson, who still play games by Hideo Kojima or who might like and this may shock you but not all of them are complete monsters who should be ostracized. I mean Minecraft is the biggest game in the world and we all know exactly what kind of asshole created that game even if he hasn't been actively involved in the development for a long time now. You want any kids on this forum who play Minecraft to name themselves so they can be "mass reported"? Grow up. I'm not actually interested in this game at all because all we've seen of it is a pretty trailer and i couldn't care less about a game if i don't have the faintest clue of how it actually plays. But i'm not gonna sit here and talk trash at people who may be interested in the same way that i wouldn't trash someone for showing an interest in any kind of consumable product or "artistic work" if you will. There are plenty of things out there, movies, games, books that have themes that i would consider disturbing but will still participate/engage in/with. I will happily fight for the right of this Soret person to make a game based on whatever the hell he wants and if it turns out to be a piece of shit i will judge it accordingly. Who knows, it could be some sort of creative masterpiece. Seems unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened.