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GamingThread The lack of Call of Duty on Switch is seriously disturbing
Reason User Warned: Making a port-begging thread.
So I've made threads about this before in the past, but as time passes by and we get more Activision games, it just makes less and less sense. For reference, the last cod game on a Nintendo console was Cod Ghosts on the Wii U way back in 2013. They likely stopped because they didn't make a profit and sold less than half a million, unlike the cod games on Wii which sold about a million copies on average, and actually ended up as one of the top selling AAA party franchises on Wii. Yes, on a console that was more than 10x weaker than the competition. Treyarch back then were some wizards porting on the Switch. But now, there is really no excuse. Just this year alone we've gotten Crash Remastered Trilogy, Crash Team Racing, Spyro Remastered Trilogy, Overwatch, and Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection to name a few. All well known franchises. But something is missing... Not to mention switch now has TRIPLE the lifetime sales of the Wii U in less than 3 years, and is on its way to selling 85-100+ million in it's lifetime! There really is no excuse. The Switch is selling as fast as PS4 and the market for online first person shooters is barren and much neededto be filled. Compared to platformers, racers and semi open world adventure games, competition for realistic first person shooters is scarce and needed, especially in 60fps. So even cod 4 remastered at 720p-900p with some toned down details or Cod Online Mobile should be feasible if Activision doesn't want to handle 30fps ports. Activision, make your move already. You're sitting on a gold mine of potentially a million copies sold on Switch!