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GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT8| - The Dark Tower (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility, Antagonizing another user.
You really need to take that fanboy bullshit about secret gpu in the power brick and whatever other stupid, non-creative shit that tiny brain of yours can come up with and save it for the youtube pages I'm sure you must shit all over on your free time. The Series X's GPU is supposed to, or expected to have a lot of Compute Units. It's supposed to be very conservatively clocked according to rumors. We've seen the motherfucking design of the thing. Did you see it? I saw it, so did others. It kinda looks like something where you would expect they can push the limits of power draw and clock speed, but signs based on rumors suggest they may not be doing so? You saw Phil Spencer quite literally promote and retweet an article that implies outright that Microsoft made a design with the explicit intention of not being tied down by traditional console restraints. An article that in no uncertain terms implies a very high power draw for the console. The head of xbox in so many words endorsed it. To this point while Microsoft has made statements about math that we are able to use to extrapolate numbers, there must still be a reason that they still aren't yet coming out and just saying what that number is. It screams strategy, like they've left themselves room for an overclock. You know, the same kind of late overclock they made before the launch of the Xbox One. Why with a more power efficient, more highly clockable architecture on a far more advanced node would they again not consider doing so again? To be quite honest, you didn't even deserve such a logical answer because you're quite frankly a fucking troll and I shouldn't have even bothered to waste my time. So I'll just exercise the ignore option.