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EtcetEraThread Terry Gilliam really hates Black Panther
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Inflammatory whataboutisms concerning race and colonialism, a severe history of similar dismissal
Theres the argument to be made about recent African politics. In post independence, African leaders used colonialism as a scapegoat to hide the fact they were pillahing their own countries. Kwame Nkruma being the first example. Now because of these early leadears usage of a victim narrative (despite that narrative being true) and the socialist wave across Africa, African governance is now strongman neo-patronage structures that work to keep Africa from developing. Given the full context of his remarks theres the possibility hes aligning with the very real movement against colonialism as a scapegoat and that the real issues lay in African corruption? Of course, none of this is to downplay the effects of colonialism or neo-colonialism today. Just that within the African intellectual sphere (like George Ayyitay for example), they argue that blaming everything on that has lead to their current predicament of being pillaged by the mabenzies. Still though, BP has every right to exist. What this guy ought to argue for is better representation of African politics. Though we also have Nigerian cinema for that.