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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs |OT2| I have no pants and I must scream (READ OP)
Reason User banned (permanent): troll account
I guess I am an anti-progressive. I just don't really see the problem with putting good-looking men or women in games. I mean let's look at Joel from the last of us, he is conventionally rugged and good looking. Kratos from God of War. I mean you take a game like Tomb Raider, a game that has always had its protagonist in low-cut clothing and then in the new games they seem to to ensure Lara is always covered head to toe. I don't really care TBH, like it didn't lessen my enjoyment of the new Tomb Raiders that nothing about her resembles old Lara Croft, I just think it's a stupid argument. Like movie stars are going to be good looking, was it sexist when Margot Robbie revealed it all in Wolf of Wall Street? How about when Thor shows of his 8-pack? Progressives sap the fun out of everything in the blind pursuit of not offending anyone and we are on a breakneck pace. Pretty soon it's going to start to seriously hamper creativity.