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GamingThread Is PlayStation 5 too confusing of a name?
Reason User warned: creating a troll thread
As well all know from the Wii U fiasco, console names are really hard. It turns out, if you only change one character, people can't keep track of it! It's because people are idiots, as we all know. Especially grandmas buying games for the holidays. Gosh, don't we all hate grandmas? Of course we do. Now, given the completely understandable anxiety about poor old silly grandmas buying the wrong Xbox because "One" and "Series" are far too similar, I think we may have to consider whether PlayStation 5 is also perhaps too confusing of a name next to PlayStation 4. I mean, you all see the problem, right? At least Wii U had the decency to be TWO characters off. God, imagine granny walking into Best Buy going, "I want the PlayStatins for my heart - wait, no, for little Timmy" "What?! Speak up, sonny!" "Oh there's a 4 and a 5? No, I don't know which one!" And poor Little Timmy ends up with a PS4. Probably a Fat, honestly. I can only begin to imagine the millions in lost sales Sony will be contending with next holiday. How will they ever survive? If Wii U is any indication, they clearly won't.