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EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders endorsed TYT founder and carpetbagger Cenk Uygar in CA 25 Congressional Race (UP: Sanders retracts endorsement) [SEE STAFF POST]
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excusing Misogyny Over Multiple Posts
Have you every privately thought someone was hot? Are you a sexist if you write down that thought in a diary, or text your friend that you think that one girl from class is really cute? I can be a reductionist too, the point he was making is this soccer team got wokescolded out of existence because they made a stupid list and it leaked. Yeah, they shouldn’t have made the list, but the whole program shouldn’t have been canceled over it. Now I definitely am a raciest if I do those same activities I described above, but replace cute girls with raciest slurs. These are not the same... Also, this whole carpet bagger thing is the dumbest attack of all time, he lives an hour and a half away, do you honestly think he is so culturally different that he can’t possible represent these people?