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GamingThread Godfall announced for Sony PlayStation 5 and PC (Counterplay Games, Gearbox Publishing)
Reason User Banned (1 month): platform warring and thread derail, history of similar infractions
Maybe it's not 50/50, I mean apart from guruilla, who else do they have that has has had 2-4yrs since there last game? And if guruilla want to turn heads with an open world AAA next gen game there's a good chance it might not make the launch window. I hope guruilla takes there time with hzd2, that game will look insane on next gen hardware.I should of clarified that my opinion is also based on the schedule of WW studios. And there schedules are not a warrior narrative. It's a bit odd that you say I'm fear mongering, what Sony devs do you think will have a ps5 launch window game?