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EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders endorsed TYT founder and carpetbagger Cenk Uygar in CA 25 Congressional Race [SEE STAFF POST]
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Inflammatory whataboutisms in regards to racial language, ignoring the staff post
Nonwhites should not use the N-word, we all agree on that. The question now is: what happens when they do use it. Is it over then? Because again: I watch TYT every single day and Cenk is not using the N-word. Had he insisted on using it, you would have a point. He is clearly not. And if using an N-word is forever not-okay, and a cause for political exile, THEN what do you do with Hillary's superpredators comment? And Joe Biden opposing bussing? ACTUAL policies that affect blacks disproprotionately, and policies against which Cenk fights again and again.The Cenk of today does not have misogynist views and rethoric. Just watch the show, for god's sake. We can debate to hell and back about his past views, but the today's Cenk is progressive and is FOR women's rights.