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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Rumour: WindowsCentral - Inside the target specs of the next Xbox 'Project Scarlett,' 'Anaconda', and 'Lockhart'
Reason User Warned: Platform Warring
I wrote i like to get a 200 bucks console, a bargain for play god of war and death Stranding, etc. And many of you are pulling my leg with their answers. No jokes, let's restart: Tutorial: how to waste money with Anaconda Microsoft. 1. Make a great specs console and place it the right price (still one year is missig to release, don't forget it); 2. Make another console called neckbottle, for a lower price. 3. Buy Anaconda, a console will never be pushed high. 4. Be happy. Tutorial: how to waste money with new generation. 1. Buy lockhart and see how new generation is not new generation. 2. Be happy. Tutorial: how console are becoming PCs: 1. Make 2 consoles for the market. 2. Still, console can play games and nothin else. 3. Buy a PC, if you use brain. Final tutorial: how ms will lose again against Sony 1. Make 2 console at start and avoid console world pros. 2. Let's wait Sony with one ps5 only to become the main hardware for developers and customers.