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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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EtcetEraThread Why do people lie about their height so much?
Reason S2 User Banned (Duration Pending): Ableism; Prior Infraction for Ableist Language.
lmao at all the 6'3 people being like: "being tall is a curse". Y'all haven't experienced shit. I'm 6'9 and outside of a youth spent dominating at basketball it hasn't really paid off. I literally can't sit in 90% of cars without having my knees like besides the steering wheel looking like I'm driving a clown car. Can't sit straight in trains, airplanes, trams, or any other vehicle. I look ridiculous holding 90% of regular people sized shit, can't play stratocasters in public because the shits look like ukekeleles so I'm always using some huge hollowbody thing that looks like it's normal size for me. And I haven't even talked about buying shoes or clothes but I need to buy 90% of my shit at a specialist store at a significant markup so I'm not constantly running around in something that looks like an exposed belly button tanktop or like my basement has flooded. You haven't experienced living in a world where everything was designed for the midgets that surround you. Fucking chairs with toothpick legs and seating heights below 50 cm, hospital scanners that literally can't fit your legs, being at or close to the weight limit for most things despite not being overweight, struggling with skateboarding because of a high center of gravity and tiny ass skateboards, every single cooking surface being at or below crotch height so it's easier to fuck my food than cook it. Ergonomic chairs that literally don't have the adjustment range required for you to be able to sit ergonomically, Having to bend down to pass through doors etc... Trust me when I say y'all don't know this pain.