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GamingThread Xbox Game Studios |OT7| Discover Your Next Favorite OT
Reason User Warned: Console Wars
Booty: That's why we at XGS are proud to announce that we are acquiring Hazelight Studios Josef Fares: Thank you, I'm so passionate to be here, even though I'm a bit jetlagged. Anyhow, PlayStation can go fuck themselves up, this is the shit. Can you swear here? Booty: Yeah, we'll just bleep it out on Mixer. Josef: Good, good. Fuck the PlayStation... Fuck You! It's bullshit, I tell you. Microsoft has been good to me, there's none of the Halo shit in here. It's a brand new IP, and if the critics say it's crap, I say no. It's impossible you don't like it. Now here's a look at my new game. Make it happen Phil! Edit: Not sure why I was warned, as it was satire, not intentional console warning. It was just meant as a parody of Josef's "Fuck Da Oscars" speech. Anyhow, sorry if it came across that way.