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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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EtcetEraThread My soul mate is out there
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Making disgusting threads just to shock and appall, previous ban for racism
I'm looking exclusively for an over-60, I'm not interested in young girls or some sad spinster waiting for an husband, I have a pointed sight towards old hags, possibly widowed in desperate search of some dick. The more your vulva is dry and run-down, the more my swollen penis will cry lubricating and reading it to the climax. I want to tighten your vaporous hair while I ride you violently and you think I might be your little nephew's best friend. My dream is to extract my pulsating member from your avid mouth and that the new denture, still girding the glans, falls to the ground after a few seconds so that I can penetrate you once again like a stuffed turkey, but now your oral cavity will better serve my foreskin-armored soldier since your wet gums will gently slide along my tube. I will lift your dropping tits revealing scars of an ancient love now sadly over just to cum all over them, infecting your mind with the idea of abandoning the religious practice in the pathetic parish of your little town, and I will go to mass with you explicitly to diabolically screw your loose ass inside the confessional with everyone present, who will think negatively of a lurid maniac caryatid such as yourself? I will make your legs tremble like you just walked a whole flight of stairs and I will give up to you my place on the bus as long as you suck my cock, eagerly awaiting fresh, young seminal fluid so juicy that, dripping voluptously on your wrinkled, retired lips will make you desire to be fertile once again. There is no "grandma's darling" of sorts that will stop me from slamming you against the wall like a crook which deceived you to enter your home. I swear on everything that is holy that when I'll leave your stale smelling room leaving you creampied, weary and very close to join Heaven's army, yes, I swear on fucking God you will... You will give me a tip for the oratory's candies.