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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread Dating has become such a frivolous, impersonal thing
Reason User Banned (1 month): inflammatory generalizations
IMO (gross generalizations follow) dating is harder than ever as cheaper travel, social media, and apps have given people more (real and perceived) options. That has seemingly made people in general less committal, and more wary of going on a "serious" date because they are concerned about intentions and it weirdly makes "hooking up" easier than "going to dinner". It means you have to respond by being prolific in meeting and asking people out, and you need to get less sensitive about rejection. On Tinder (or any online dating) in particular, it's a volume game where competition is high. You have to present yourself as high value AND "different". Have good photos including one showing you in a social situation, same something interesting and different in your profile, always open asking a question about something specific to their photos or profile, and always respond to them with a comment/answer and another question. Then try to transition the conversation to another messaging app or txt within a dozen or so back and forths. Suggest dates that are more on the casual side such as getting coffee, drinks, or a dessert somewhere rather than something where the person may be wary of being "stuck" like touring a vineyard or some fancy dinner. Tinder or not, ghosting is a prevalent thing you just have to suck up. It's a response to toxicity and an easy way of avoiding an awkward conversation or conflict in the modern age. You aren't really wasting that much time sending a few messages back and forth only to be ghosted. Just view it as the person being not considerate enough and that they probably wouldn't be "worth it" because of that anyway (and don't keep sending them messages either). If you are really stuck and lacking confidence, and assuming you are in the US, save up and take Tinder with you on a vacation to South America or South East Asia (if you haven't traveled this would be confidence building and good for life experience anyway). (Further gross generalization) Women in those regions seem somewhat more responsive than those in North America and Western Europe especially to foreigners, and a little more eager and bolder when it comes to going out on a date (use Google Translate if necessary). Of course, if you want something more meningful to come out of that approach, the logistics are going to be challenging. tldr; be prolific, don't sweat ghosting