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GamingThread Why is there so much blowback from people when asking for more gender & ethnic diversity in games?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Dismissing Concerns on Representation and Inflammatory False Equivalence Surrounding Racism Over Multiple Posts; Account in Junior Phase
This isn't something new and it isn't one person. That is some ridiculous hyperbole that is just causing more of a divide and more toxicity. People on this forum see tame things from 'gamers' and bloe it completely out of proportion and then wonder why nothing is getting solved. Open up a dialogue and be more level headed and try to see things from all sides. There are multiple types of this ludicrous comments from people on here and game journos. I was just talking to one who outright said "Gamers are Nazis" and this man tried to seriously justify that embarassing rhetoric. And he works for a bigger site, he's not some nobody. Why would anyone listen to you talking about them like that? But most of the people on your side will double down, I guarantee. Humans are tribal. Nobody is debating if someone is outright being evil, but people defend the kind of attacks your pushing against 'gamers' as if it's some moral good! Hopefully some people start to understand and think tactically.